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composer & producer

WalkingWordsRepublic is a recording studio and production company.
We offer a unique production process that is designed to help our clients
achieve their artistic vision. Thank you for visiting our site! We look forward to hearing more about your project! In the meantime, we would love to tell you about our organization.

WalkingWordsRepublic was founded on the concept of creating a
recording studio that is more than just a place to produce your music.
Our goal was to develop a creative production community of different
types of music but also involving different creative industries like 3D
animation, literature and superior technology like artificial intelligence,
that embraces and enhance the creative direction of the artists and offers
them more than just a recording.
When you work with WalkingWordsRepublic, you’re not just booking
studio time. You are partnering with a dedicated production team that will
support your vision through every step of the recording process towards
a final product no matter, if that’s an album, a video, trailer or a full
WalkingWordsRepublic is equipped with an amazing collection of classic
analog gear and the latest in digital recording technology. This gives us
the ability to find the best composing and recording environment for
every project that we take on. Our session players include many top
session musicians. We enjoy working in a wide variety of genres, and
carefully select the players based on the style of each project.

Every project is it’s own unique creation. Our approach to each project is no different. We take the time to follow your vision and develop a custom production approach that fits your direction and produce a high quality recording that brings musical life into your project

Whether you are a developing songwriter or a well-known company searching for a tailor made soundtrack cutting your next commercial release, you will receive the same, unwavering dedication to producing the record that you want to make. Our goal is not to just complete each project and move onto the next. We desire to grow with our customers in a long partnership. We enjoy taking that journey with you.