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Stephen started to play in band as a keyboarded in the age of
fifteen. Already after 2 years won with his band his first national
newcomer award with seventeen. In the same year he signed
with his band his first record deal with a leading the indie label
Noise. He learned classical piano for more than 10 years and studied
music with a focus on harmony and composition in Cologne.

Afterwards he developed his own music studio Audio Design, a
big productions studio, where he recorded singers, bands and
even big choirs. A second remix studio was added soon and
during a decade he recorded, mixed and produced various
national and international artists for Sony Music, BMG and

Stephen was a contractual partner of the Warner
Chappel as a composer and lyricist during this period.
After the music industry broke down, he closed Audio Design
and refocussed his creativity on literature. He studied literature
for a while and he is launching his first novel soon.

Some years he took over the role of as CEO and creative director at WalkingWords Productions GmbH. WalkingWordsProductions is developing in cooperation with an international team of artists a ground-breaking storytelling platform liiberr, which combines different creative industries such as 3D animation, novels, soundtrack by an artificial intelligence to revulutionary new product.


To develop the soundtrack for liiberr, Stephen build up the recording facility WalkingWordsRepublic. A unique creative place, where records and soundtrack are created, equipped with the finest analog gear and the latest state of the art technology.