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About Stephen

Stephen has grown up in a pretty creative family. His mother was a successful painter, his father a trumpet player in a jazz band and his brother was a sculptor. In the beginning of his childhood, he started to learn various instruments like piano, guitar and flute. He won various national competitions with his first band and signed his first record deal with the age 17. But his biggest passion already in this early stage was composing and writing lyrics for this and all his following bands.
After some years he stopped playing live and focused his work in his own production facility, where he was composing and writing lyrics for national and international artists. Based on his success he was 10 years contractual partner as a composer and lyricist at renowned publisher Warner Chappel.
After music industry broke down he stopped producing music for a decade and concentrated his creative activities on writing and his passion moved over to create fully new worlds within tales of imagination.
His first novel Picturewalker will be published end of 2022.

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The Paintingwalker Cover-2

Growing up in a poorhouse at the end of the 19th century, exceptionally gifted young painter Annie Robbins sets out on an adventurous journey to find her father, who vanished without trace when she was very young. When pupils at Annie’s historic school begin dying in a dreadful way, Annie and her best friend Martha find themselves hunting for an ancient secret society. They begin a fascinating journey into the forgotten past of their hometown, where past and present merge in mysterious ways behind old paintings.

Along the way, they encounter strange and fanciful people – an unknown uncle whose best friend is a statue, a charming boy living on the streets, who appears both in Annie’s dreams and in waking life. Even Annie’s beloved grandmother seems to know more about the mystical story of their ancestors than she is willing to share. In the end, the threads draw together into what seems to be an ingenious trap that seems designed to guide Annie to a specific place at a specific time to free the former rulers  from an ancient spell, when Annie discovers that she possesses an extraordinary magical talent.